Friday, October 8, 2010

Skinflint reclaimed lighting

Industrial pendants from a former Czechoslovakian factory

Imposing enamelled steel and aluminum factory shades from the south of the former Czechoslovakia

Shades from a factory within the former Eastern Germany. Circa 1950.

When I need lighting, I turn to Skinflint. Chris and team at Skinflint are super dooper lighting enthusiasts whose enviable task is to scour Europe reclaiming unloved and forgotten lights from factories, hospitals, ships, you name it. If its out there, they'll find it and bring it back to life.

They specialise in lighting that is simple and clean lined predominantly from 1900-1960. They're based in Cornwall in the UK, but shopping online is too easy with detailed spec sheets and a nice little rundown of where the pieces have been sourced from they ship world wide (not as exxy as you think).

Here's some of the goodness they have on hand at the moment, can you tell that I'm sourcing black pendants?!

IMAGES: Skinflint

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