Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hollie & Harrie beach Sombrillas

It's great to see some local ladies doing their own thing - what's more designing a completely unique product. That's exactly what local girls Skye and Claire have done launching their business Hollie & Harrie just a few weeks ago. Being Mums themselves they saw a need for better sun protection that the kids actually wanted to be under "with five very active children between us, we adore the beach and outdoors but dread the sunburn. We are very 'sun smart' but find the existing beach tents on the market too stifling, provide no natural air flow and our children do not enjoy sitting in them" and so the Sombrilla was born, the girls have designed and manufactured the Sombrillas plus a sweet collection of gorgeous Sunshirts for littlies.

I for one love the yellow Sombrilla and have already ordered one - perfect for Al and his 4 cousins to play under this summer. They're really versatile and can be put in several positions providing more or less shade, they're lightweight and easy to put up. Now all we need is for the rain to stop and we can get to the beach and use ours!

Pop over to Hollie and Harrie for more details.

IMAGES: via Hollie and Harrie

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