Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anna-Wili Highfield

It's been sometime since I'be blogged about the amazingly talented Sydney artist Anna-Wil Highfiled. It's taken me this long to find the right project and the right client for a commission - and the time has come. I have just placed an order for a magnificent Perched Owl. It's no wonder that Anna-Wili is in high demand - which explains the nearly year long wait for her works! It's like the most perfect layby.


  1. I adore Anna-Wili, I have a black raven and a little pink breasted robin by her, they are my two favorite art purchases ... well worth all the saving I did, lucky for me there wasn't the long wait !!!

  2. How can you purchase one of her pieces from the UK and what sort of investment are we looking at?
    Many thanks,