Sunday, September 4, 2011

Honorary Swearer

At the beginning of this year I started sharing a studio with Scott and his crew at Swear Words in their new space in Richmond. It's been such a wonderful change to my working life. I get on with my business and they theirs, however more and more we are working across the same projects. A lot of the time Swear Words will put in me in touch with their clients and now wonderfully I can share the love back sending work their way. Our clients love that the interior design and branding are being developed side by side, by people who share a vision and a common goal.

So I was honoured when this week they nominated me as an Honorary Swearer in this months Cursive Newsletter. Read the full newsletter here:
Here's Scotts' artwork for this months Cursive newsletter, not only it is good looking, but clever too (yes I'm biased but it's true). I didn't see it the first time - but notice the Roman Numerals indicating issue 12? Genius love!

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