Friday, July 23, 2010

Rachel Castle

The artwork of Sydney artist Rachel Castle from Castle and Things is like an infectious smile, a burst of sunlight or "insert something that makes you feel good". Maybe it is the colours, maybe its the hand-made-ness or maybe it's just the lovely Rachel shining through. Anyway you look at it, her playful and highly coloured works are just delightful.

Rachel creates embroidered pieces, screen printed artworks and to top it off the the funnest bedlinen sets going around.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel via the wonderful Megan Morton a while back and must say she is every bit as lovely as the images she creates. Visit her website Castle and Things for more info to view the entire collection. I've 'dog-eared' a few pages on the website for a new residential job that kicks off this week.

Images: Castle and Things

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