Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A shop called Moth

Ta-da! Here are the final images of my latest project... 'A shop called Moth' at 164 Bridport St, Albert Park.

The task was to create a space fitting for the stunning hand-picked pieces that Jocey Davidson has sourced from all over the world. The garments themselves are all beautifully crafted, detailed and embellished classics, a singlet with hand-stitched beading, a stretch dress with intricate stitching and beaded sleeves are just some examples. Nothing screams for attention, it is quietly beautiful.

I chose a neutral palette to let the clothes speak, layered with texture in pressed metal panels, ambient hand-made light globes, found objects like ladders reinterpreted as clothing racks, old suitcases from Jocey's family and wooden crates made from my sisters fence. We re-worked an old table and gave it some love, an old workbench and the most beautiful Chinese moon moth was taxidermied and sits pride of place on the counter.

Swear Words took care of the branding, delivering hand-drawn Rorschach-like ink drawings, embellished with copper embossing, equisite!

Interior design and styling: Claire Larritt-Evans

Photography: Tony Mott


  1. Love the photos and would like to use them at my blog Jocey also e-mailed them to me! I will be selling my jewellery Made by lennebelle at a shop called moth and I just wanted to let you know that I love the interior! Such a great idea to use ladders!

  2. Hi Len, Sorry just saw your comment now. Of course happy to share the photos with you. BTW I was in store today and I just love the presentation of the jewels in timber and glass - genius!