Saturday, August 7, 2010

While they were sleeping..

The mystery stylist has been and visited 2 clients this weekend - and there will be 2 happy clients tomorrow morning returning to work to see some great changes. First stop was B Brand Design - where on Friday night I went in and installed the final stages of their studio fit out. The Boskke Skyplanters lived up to my expectations - they hang from the roof in the kitchen to form a li
ttle indoor herb garden. Thanks to Gary from GC Landscaping for coming on board and doing the hard task of installing a 10kg ex-naval pulley system into a 4m high stairwell - the result was worth it Gaz! I installed 2 hardy Devils Ivy hanging from the pulley to bring some greenery to the mostly industrial space. Given the genius of the Skyplanters internal water reservoir the plants will only need to watered once a month, although given how much fun it is to hoist the pulley up and down, they might be get the attention they deserve.
The second stop this weekend was to A Shop Called Moth where I installed this months window display, no photos sorry so pop past the shop and have a peek.

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