Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zenith Interiors

Round chairs by Christophe Pillet available in white, antique iron, warm grey, pale grey and red. Choices, choices.
Re Trove armchairs and stools available in a variety of colours
Zenith Interiors are more than just their workstations - or so I've only just recently discovered. They also have great outdoor furniture, precisely what I've been looking for - colourful wire dining chairs. The outdoor furniture works equally well indoors, in fact I just used the Re Trove and Heaven pieces in a shoot this week, and they came up a treat. Designer of the Round Chair Patricia Urquiola sums it up perfectly "there is something that is often difficult to find in outdoor furniture, and it is precisely those things that I have tried to express in the collection: simplicity, timelessness and a touch of distant elegance'. Job done.

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