Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pave paradise.....

This is my favourite place to source props and furniture - it's a huge rambling old shed on the Mornington Penninsula - and I learnt on the weekend that it's going to be bulldozed and turned into a supermarket. It's so upsetting, I shed a little tear, no more weekends spent trawling through the chilly shed, dodging the pigeon poop, soon it will be a glittering shiny new supermarket full of pre-packaged crap! The only good news that until the doors shut there are incredible bargains to be had, but the sad news after chatting to many of my favourite stall holders they have an uncertain future - and no where else to trade. I will keep you posted of any new sites - as there's a few on the cards.

Here's some quick snaps of my finds from the weekend, great old workbench and cray pots, which will be reinterpreted as light shades.

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